Hugo Hernandez

Passionate about branding, I bring a wealth of experience to the table as a global brand designer. My expertise extends across digital and print platforms, where I've honed my skills in art direction, 4-color press techniques, and innovative digital mediums, including mobile and video design. I thrive in the creative process, from conceptualizing ideas to executing designs, managing budgets, and overseeing the entire product life cycle.

My ability to breathe life into abstract concepts, transforming them into visually captivating designs that resonate with audiences across various channels. My approach is deeply rooted in understanding the core principles of branding, ensuring that each design aligns seamlessly with the brand's essence and identity. This omnichannel perspective allows me to create cohesive and engaging experiences, whether it's on digital platforms, print materials, mobile interfaces, or in the realm of video.

Moreover, my professional journey is marked by meaningful collaborations. I take pride in managing and nurturing creative relationships with external agencies, vendors, and freelancers. For me, these collaborations are not just professional endeavors but personal connections, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of my creative experience.

Let's embark on a creative journey together, where passion meets proficiency, and every design tells a compelling story.

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My brief thoughts

Tony the Tiger served as my childhood inspiration, sparking my passion for sketching and drawing, much like any other curious kid. His vibrant presence not only fueled my creative endeavors but also ignited my fascination with the world of advertising. As I delved deeper into my design studies, I discovered the elegance of the Art Deco style and the innovative spirit of Bauhaus, both of which continue to inspire me profoundly. Witnessing the beauty of designs crafted before the digital era serves as a constant reminder of the timeless artistry that exists beyond the realm of computers.

Non-stop learning and evolving my work, always looking back at every piece wether it was created or directed by me including "that" one project we tend to always get **wink ** wink** and think about what would I could have done differently. I look back not just to improve the design/process, but to elevate the work and provide value to the brand.

Design is not just art as some people call it, it's an emotional connection that you create between the brand and your audience. Knowing that the result can be a positive or negative experience, you get to learn and grow, not just as a designer, but as a person. I'm not an artist, I'm a problem solver.


Adobe Creative Cloud
Acrobat, AfterEffects, Dimension, Dreamweaver, Express, InDesign, Illustrator, LightRoom, Photoshop, Premiere-Pro, Premiere-Rush, XD

Office OS
Google docs, Word, PowerPoint, HTML & CSS

Print (pre-press), Digital (web IOT), Human User Experience & Design Thinking

Brand management, Brand Growth, Execution & Consulting

Corporate Marketing, Product Marketing, Revenue/Growth Marketing, and Event & Experiential Marketing

Brand Associates


If you have questions or would like additional examples of my work, please reach out via LinkedIn and I'll be happy to message you.